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Police said the 31st arrest hotel person in charge of cadres, hostessing woman hostessing woman admits topless in strip hostessing the whole case in accordance with the accusations of violation of public decency, transferred the collected evidence Investigating.

Police pointed out that the hotel industry to circumvent banned guests strictly filtered,louis vuittonn, mining performance cadres to lead to consumption mode, do not accept the stranger. In addition, businesses who spent a lot of money to set up more than 20 with video surveillance camera installing electronic magnetic button lock,Moncler, hotel door and balcony door rummage warning card to prevent police forcibly entered banned.

BEIJING, March 31 - According to the Central News Agency reported, the Taipei City Police Department in the early morning on the 31st in the mountains, Metropolitan Hotel seized seven women bare chest,abercrombie fitch, only with thong accompany male guests singing and music. Police seized Liu, a person in charge intent dark camp pornographic obscene, also stressed the Miss a song off his clothes.

Taipei City Police Department superintendents office said that the 31st has received intelligence, hotel in the mountains, the refreshment dark camp Zuotai strip hostessing any. Police posing as drinkers,doudoune moncler, within the Metropolitan Hotel located in the agricultural Street, in the early morning, seized the nickname Ono surnamed PR 7, the body only significant thong,abercrombie, accompany the male guests drinking, singing and music.

In addition, businesses evade investigation, also provides for hostessing the PR lady wearing can quickly wear off the uniform, Velcro adhesive,moncler, the case of the police raid, but also instantly dress. The police investigation,doudoune moncler, the industry as a gimmick to Miss stripped naked just a song time, turned out so famous, patronizing male guests flocked.

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