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/ p p After the Spring Festival, the first working day br p □ Chenbao reporters Pengxiao Ling, former Jiaozhou Road, Jingan District, who lives in the fire in the building of Shanghai University Department of Chinese blue where Professor, received a best Film Art of the New Years gift: after several twists and turns,piumini moncler, condensation him a lot of hard work part of the electronic document can be basic recovery in Shanghai Computer Industry Association help. Small hard drive recovery is just more than a year before the draft, but with complete preface, as well as a detailed outline of the entire book. Yesterday moved to a sleepless night blue where the decision several times thinking, this part of the manuscript to be modified, and the other to take his name published. / P p 15 years of work on the 1.5 million-word manuscript gone / p p 728 Jiaozhou Road, Jingan District, a residential building fire broke out on November 15 last year, the blue Where the home in the 21st floor. more than 40,000 books, about 37,000 discs, as well as the home computer are burned, one of the computers there he took 15 years to prepare, for a total of 150 million words Film Art of the manuscript. After the fire, the Morning News published a picture of one his sad tears, but also take the title of Professor desire for hard drive recovery,louis vuittonn outlet, we look very popular feelings,moncler, decided to do its utmost to help. Yesterday, talking about free blue where the recovery of mobile hard disk reason, former Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Computer Industry Association, the 76-year-old senior engineer Tang Qingsheng said. / P p on November 17 last year, the Shanghai Computer Industry Association to get that there is a manuscript of the computer hard shell, motor are all broken, burned have not see a laptop or a desktop . Tang Qingsheng recalls. / P p staff deionized water cleanup, hard disk recording media is not damaged, and the possibility of recovery. However, the hard drive is listed three years ago. Computer Industry Association issued an urgent appeal,moncler, companies are able to provide the same type of hard. After about a week, the two companies in Beijing and Kunshan provide suitable conditions for a new hard drive. However, the hard disk to be reloaded into the computer, only start 10 seconds, the computer will not be able to run. / P p two mobile hard disk is not completely burned / p p Shanghai Computer Industry Association Shanghai Branch, a brand computer to get in touch with blue where purchased, the decision will be sent to its U.S,Christian Louboutin. headquarters maintenance. It was like, since the computer produced by their company, they should have a way to repair. Tang Qingsheng said. / P p however, hard to wait for more than a month after the U.S. recovery, due to the computer after a few hours the fire high temperature incineration, combined with water long soak, the manufacturer it is unable to back days. / P p are all very desperate, Blue Where to Tang Qingsheng phone call, said the affected families have the opportunity to home. Holding hope to try again, January 24, Tang Qingsheng followed Blue Fan and his wife Lu Randy, the first time after the fire entered the fire building. / P p Tang Qingsheng blue where computer placement, standing about 1.5 meters deep burning parchment heap,nike air jordan, a little bit of cleaning up incinerated,abercrombie fitch. The clean-up of about 40 cm deep in a caved beneath the flap, the accident found the two not yet completely destroyed the mobile hard disk. / P p we are very pleased that Professor Blue said at the time that there is no manuscript. Tang Qingsheng these two mobile hard disk to the computer industry associations affiliated company specializing in data recovery. The examination revealed that one of the capacity of 40G removable hard disk, disk media is intact, and the hard ventilation holes are blocked,abercrombie, potentially protecting the disk. Through hard work, hard and finally basic recovery success. / P p rescued the manuscript will be published by the end of September / p p February 8, deputy director of the Shanghai Computer Industry Association of Forensic call the blue where to go Association trip . Too accident inside actually have his previous accidental copy of the manuscript content! When he sees been excited too giggle! Miss Randy said, starting from the document most began to appear the art of film theory five words, blue where it is very excited . Although just more than a year before the first draft of this little hard,rolex watches, but the complete foreword, as well as a detailed outline of the whole book. / P p Miss Randy, books, reading, teaching, writing books throughout the life of the blue who burned the manuscript originally in the computer before the fire in relation to publishing. Blue Where learned that the Shanghai Cultural Publishing Foundation funded this study, he took the initiative to ask for final touches to modify it again before its formal publication sent to the Press, who knows soon fire shocked the nation . The computer burned blue where often one person out of the the temporary resettlement hotel, secretly tears out. / P p yesterday,Moncler Sito Ufficiale, good mood, blue, who said he decided to Preface and part of the current restoration of previously reserved chapters to be revised again, to fight at the end of September to the name of the movie typology published. / P
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