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The three police were injured to varying degrees, the same day return to the Qianguo on hospitalization,franklin marshall. The afternoon of the 8th, Qianguo County Public Security Bureau party secretary, Secretary Shi friend,, Deputy Secretary Sun Deyu Li Xuelin came to the hospital to visit three police, sent condolences to Kim. Currently, Wang Qianguo County Public Security Bureau Detention, the case is still under further investigation,abercrombie fitch.

Qianguo County Public Security Bureau of Interpol, deputy brigade commander led the police Anze Liang Yin Xusheng level immediately surrounded the car, blocking the copilot front of the bus, police Anze Liang Yin Xusheng level will be blocked in the drivers car in front. 3 to produce Jing Guanzheng,Louboutin, to show the identity of both sides of the door opened,moncler.

The suspect command drivers car ran

The evening of May 1, Nongan Wang and his accomplices drove to Dry County territory, the theft of two tons of crude oil, absconded after the disposal of stolen goods.

The injured police seize the escape of suspects

July 8, 7 pm, Interpol brigade for important clues, Wangs white Jetta appear in the Nongan huanglong Road near sat in the car of a man with a shaved head. Investigators rushed to the make-up investigation, with the Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Team Nongan quickly determine Wang true identity,, and to determine a shaved head and a man sat in the car co-pilot position is Wang.

Police dragged out over 20 meters

The case occurred, Qianguo County Public Security Bureau leadership attaches great importance to and after the investigation, County Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Team Wang major crime suspects,nike air jordan.

Drivers at this time not to stop the car and continue to back reversing poured some distance and hit the side of the road the toilet flameout car parked in the toilet before. The driver was ready to restart the car forward, but can not start. Wang seeing this,Moncler outlet, and the driver immediately ran off and abandoned the vehicle and fled.

This is not a movie stunt screen, but of Qianguo County Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade police in the arrest theft of crude oil suspects breathtaking picture,cheap watches.

Three police, was knocked down at the side of the road regardless of body pain,air jordan, continued to move, grab Wang. Wang attempted to resist the escape,rolex watches, three police work together and captured him.

At this time, the danger appeared,moncler outlet, car Wang immediately facing the driver shouting sentence: Police, fast car ran,abercrombie and fitch! Driver requirements in accordance with Wang to start the car, car backwards after madly,Christian Louboutin.

After initial interrogation, Wang explained the facts of the crime drive together with others, on the evening of May 1,abercrombie, Dry County within the theft of two tons of crude oil, crude oil sold to others absconded,Moncler. The day drove the man is a friend of Wang, for his alleged hit his car,louis vuittonn outlet, the police are Nongan its full arrest.

The three police seize the doors in order to let the suspect escape,louis vuittonn, and they have not been let go, the car dragged backward walking. Jetta cars in reversing the process, the car after a van from the side of the road crashed into the other side. Jetta does not mean to stop, continue back reversing, the police dragged out over 20 meters,abercrombie pas cher, was hit by a car on the roadside,abercrombie, police were injured.

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