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p p p p ■ body in Mito still fought against / p p p Mr. Gong, 33 years old, 6 oclock in the afternoon of the 27th,louis vuittonn outlet, it was already dark down he was riding a motorcycle passing Hongyang Avenue, suddenly heard someone shouting catch the thief,franklin marshall, followed by a 50-year-old aunt came to him panic, running and shouting my bag robbed that in front, Mr. Gong immediately see the criminals back, riding his motorcycle caught up. At that time the thief to see me riding a motorcycle chase him from south to north,, hit a car and fled in the opposite direction. Mr. Gong was riding his motorcycle around the fence between the slow lane and fast lane continue to chase after the taxi steering. / P p not far from the door of the Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University, Mr. Gong stopped a taxi, and then drag the criminals out of the taxi. I just see him holding something,Moncler Sito Ufficiale, but what is it I did not see, after a few seconds, I felt my throat bled. Mr. Gong said, criminals armed with a knife, not trying to scare people, but would like to be lethal. He took the knife to poke me, poke toward the heart, head, throat and other deadly. / P p Mr. Gong practiced Sanda, throat, elbows, etc. with multiple injuries,abercrombie pas cher, in the face of knife-wielding thugs, still believe that he must turn his uniforms. I was a back drop the criminals fell to the ground, then homeopathic sitting on his back, but he still took the knife to chaos tie against them. Mr. Gong later firmly with the palm of your hand blade only grabbed the knife of the hands of criminals . / P p Mr. Gong Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University guard help the criminals completely uniform. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Gong was sent to the emergency room of University Hospital in Hebei. Diagnosis, Mr. Gong throat, elbows, palms three knife pricks, right arm fracture. / P p ■ then deep a few millimeters may be fatal / p p Mr. Gong recalled that scoundrel then held a knife, 10 cm long, small slices of homemade knife, the blade is very sharp. Mr. Gong throat were slashed, according to the doctor that knife, if the depth of a few millimeters, the consequences would be disastrous. / P p Mr. Gong throat suture surgery in 3 days, and speaks very difficult. Im talking to you, feel your throat into the wind. Mr. Gong said with a smile. / P p the scrambling criminals probably 40 years old, of medium build, Mr. Gong said the moment he opened the taxi door,abercrombie fitch, throat gangsters bar knife, I had been criminals pricks, I thought Bun Scrambling would like to wounding let you go it is impossible. / p p Mr. Gong said, the current criminals has been controlled by the police. That criminals might be a habitual offender, because snatched package Liu aunt photos of the police station are taking note, he recognized the man to the police station. I bleed annoyed makes me angry is that taxi drivers, if at that time the taxi driver to help hand,doudoune moncler, maybe I will not second knife, the third knife. Mr. Gong said, the only hope, robbed of wallet back to the master hands. / P p Liu aunt said, wallet, cell phone all the criminals taxi ride, then whos brother see two men fighting, quietly drive away. Liu aunt several certificates of deposit on the wallet, and had to borrow more than 1000 yuan for Mr.Gong to pay the hospital charges. I really met a good man, and had never been seen, the days are dark, he got went Zhuizei, I so grateful heart can not tell. Liu aunt waited at the bedside talkative, repeating this sentence : I met a good man! / p p Liu aunt said, he would have been at the bedside guarding Mr. Gong, until he recovered and was discharged. / P
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