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In December 2010, 7:00 in the evening, on the the Changsha pedestrian streets, such as weaving, A rights as well as other members of the total destroyed two pickpocket gangs, arresting five pickpockets,Moncler.

The South China Sea, a female police officers that had come to the Changsha Public Security Bureau. According to the laws of our country, only the social organizations registered in the Bureau of Civil Affairs is the legal society organizations, the woman and police officers explained and accepted the reporting social organizations of the South China Sea, material will be reflected to the higher.

The captain of the South China Sea, said, this case is unclear, but the members really complicated, to strengthen management.

Although the cost of the final did not let them out, but how they are also thought to understand why we do good things for the community, became an illegal organization.

South China Sea are taking note of the police station, the police station, the three players said, You are an illegal organization, we are authorized to detain you. Asking them to pay the cost of treatment for self-mutilation of pickpockets.

They have a strong effort. General this action, they will embark on a 78 hours, sometimes more than 10 hours. This day, we call it a day at around 21:00.

Members are not how they did not find evidence. However, A right to say that, sooner or later should get rid of it.

They decided to seek explanation from the Government.

One day in May 2010, the South China Sea, get up early early, with a stack of application materials to the Changsha Public Security Bureau.

Union failed to register their pain. Been identified as illegal organization is the pain of their pain.

Civil Fanba facing legal embarrassment to apply for registration not approved

Although there is no legal recognition, but their Fanba action does not stop there.

In other words, this action, like a cat around looking for mice, unlike the movie Let the Bullets Fly inside the bullet has a clear goal, therefore, have to fly a long period of time.

We whereabouts may be exposed. A right to see the back has been tracking three people they said, go for so long no one (pickpockets), usually not the case.

On the evening of December 19, 7:00 Urban Management Branch of the Public Security Bureau in Changsha, Changsha youth the volunteers Fanba brigade to convene a rectifying meeting. This meeting is for someone suspected of insider collusion with the pickpockets, revealed that the action of time and place, resulting in Fanba action blocked. The meeting provides that, once found such a person, to out of the Union.

There are a player, has participated Fanba, the girlfriend to ignore, last irritating the two broke up. His girlfriend complained about him, to find this boyfriend does not have a sense of security, more concerned about pickpockets than about his girlfriend,louis vuittonn.

Changsha City Mission City Youth Volunteers Association more hope they reduce Fanba action to take part in more four - into the community,moncler, into the schools, into the mall, into the station publicity pocketing knowledge. So far, they have received, Hunan University, Central South University Students Union, as well as some community television invited to the about the Fanba knowledge.

May 1, 2009 at 4:00 pm, the five players in the South China Sea came to the literary intersection of Furong District, Changsha the to carry out Fanba action. Stalking the streets shortly after the players were found in the liberation of East Road and Station Road intersection, several foreign thieves ongoing pickpocketing.

Pocketing Union internal self-proclaimed pocketing Xiang Army, the existing 57, in which the core staff of 31, a captain, the two vice captain. The so-called core staff every week volunteers to participate in two or three actions. Six months was not involved in the actions of the players will be asked to leave the team. Six months of doing nothing, to do. South China Sea.

In the next few days, he went to the Municipal Committee,Christian Louboutin, City Comprehensive Management Office to ask the bid.

The laps, the material eventually landed on the desk of the director of the volunteer service center in Changsha Huang Weide. Remember very clearly the South China Sea, July 1, Huang Weide met him, because to this day, he seems to see a little hope - of Hunan Fanba Union in order to the Changsha youth volunteers Fanba Brigade nominal registered to the Mission City The young volunteers Federation. The yellow DeWalt them eliminating the $ 7 fee.

From two years ago, these passionate young people like A right to hold World Without Thieves belief, frequently active in various public places, match wits with pickpockets, fame and media attention soon.

Illegal organization.

Do not think this is a pool of water, I had thought so in fact, it is not very clean. If you want to do it there, then you have to withstand the temptation. December 22, the team A rights pickpockets wake up , was only one possible, pocketing personnel tracking significantly exposed identity. This situation often appear. Sometimes tracking a few hours later, the pickpocket wake Union members can only find another ground.

To get the relevant government departments operational guidance, South China Sea decided to go to Changsha City Bureau of Civil Affairs. However, according to our Registration of Social Organizations Ordinance, Changsha youth the volunteers Fanba brigade is not specified operational guidance unit, it does not have the conditions for the establishment of social organizations. Ultimately they did not registered with the Civil Affairs Bureau in Changsha.

December 23, A right to teammates are eighty-one the intersection track two pickpockets. At this time, to a three figure wearing a black leather jacket and tall men, and where a player was a greeting,cheap watches, chatted for a few.

Deadlocked for more than an hour, under the coordination of the police, the South China Sea, and another team of self-mutilation woman responsible for parity hospital sent to Furong District, the other three players were asked to Chaoyang police station for investigation.

Not all actions are proactive type. Sit back and wait-waiting pickpockets crime at the same location again - according to the clues provided by the players or the public.

We go!

Long-term in Fanba research professor at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Zou Ming reasonable opinion of Criminal Procedure Law and Public Security Administration Punishment Act requirements,rolex watches, pocketing the statutory duties of the public security organs, only the public security organs have the right to establish pocketing organization. According to the first paragraph of Article 2, of the Administrative Licensing Law of the Peoples Republic of China directly involving national security, public safety, economic macro-control, ecological and environmental protection,abercrombie fitch, as well as directly related to human health, life and property safety of specific activities, in accordance with statutory conditions which shall be approved belong to the scope of administrative licensing. Pocketing activities in a particular matter involving public safety and security of life and property, the the pocketing organization must be approved the procedures prescribed by the Administrative Licensing Law. Based on the aforementioned two law mass organizations are unlikely to be approved by the relevant authorities (public security organs). Therefore, the current masses Fanba organizations do not legally exist room. But the grim reality view of the city law and order situation in China, the public security organs pocketing activities assist the great need for the strength of the masses.

On one occasion, Hunan University,franklin marshall pas cher, North Campus, a female student told them the school district near a group of pickpockets often. The result, an extended stay in the vicinity, they successfully arrested the group of pickpockets, seized and turned over to the police station.

Why do they communicate and pickpockets, A right to say, Its like the beginning of some officials do not want corruption, but some people from time to time to give him the temptation, without supervision, slowly began to greed.

This is a very mobile group, basically every day someone leaves. Pocketing Union was established in 2008 when the first batch of more than 70 old players, only five people,doudoune moncler, including me, the South China Sea, said .

Now face legal embarrassing, A right to have but encountered new puzzles.

Specific chain is sometimes Alliance members to catch pickpockets, pickpockets buy smoke gave them, invite them to dinner.

The first camp responsible for the information collection are Fanba Union, mainly for girls. The second camp Zhuabu Zu, the players have some fist kung fu. The third camp is responsible for the stability of their rightful owners and to control the scene. Action, the second camp and camp staff is very flexible, not fixed.

5 people quickly to the gang uniforms, and dialed 110. Wait until the police rushed over, one female pickpockets to take the way of self-mutilation, resulting in facial blood everywhere, and refused medical treatment.

The Changsha Fanba Alliance seeking amnesty refused

Before each operation, members have to apply to the Alliance for registration Union captain by QQ or phone to inform members.

Want to be amnesty

But there is another possibility, that is, A right to that alliance dirty place - a member of the collusion and pickpockets.

Infernal Affairs?

One is still the core team members of the Union, he had a lucrative to participate once or twice Fanba actions every week. Several times to leave to the boss, the boss think he lazy work seriously, he fired.

Fanba Xiangjun

As far as specific when feel members of the rebel, we all do not have a clear answer, just know now and did not like.

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