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p Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Liu Guannan intern / the Mathematics correspondent / spike method declared) the 2nd, a real estate agent in Guangzhou has been notorious credit through boss employees suspected of fraud in the Guangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court for trial. It is alleged that the eight defendants boss Deng Sanxi headed, within six months, fake mortgage to buy a house, and then transfer to others 33 cases of crime, defrauding 24.18 million yuan of funds. / P p Deng Sanxi 44-year-old,franklin marshall, Henan Zhoukou City, Guangzhou Credit through Real Estate Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to credit through the company) Legal Representative,moncler pas cher. According to the indictment charged, June 5, 2009, the victim Hemou to 1.606 million yuan in the Haizhu District of Guangzhou, a house sold Dengsan Xi. After the signing of the contract, Deng Sanxi handled with her fake mortgage loan contract and pay the first payment of 500,moncler france,000 yuan. Subsequently, the real estate transfer Deng Sanxi name,abercrombie pas cher, but Deng Sanxi accordance with the contract to pay the victim balance. Hemou several times to recover, the Deng Sanxi there are more than 80,000 yuan has been in arrears,abercrombie. / P p Since then, Deng Sanxi and its employees this way to be used repeatedly,moncler, repeatedly posing as buyers or instigation of credit through the companys employees posing as buyers from June 2009 to December, with the victim Wu Kang,louis vuittonn outlet, signed the sale of real estate. Qiu Tiejiang responsible for repeatedly posing as bank staff, bank fake mortgage loan contract. Most of the victims after the receipt of the first phase of the housing fund, are handling the property transfer procedures. Dengsan Xi et al cheat more than 2,000 million through the means has not yet. / P p Guangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court on the case for further proceedings,franklin marshall pas cher. / P
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