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Man after 10 years of marriage to find his wife id

Chongqing Evening News: "my wife ran for 10 years,Louboutin, I want to divorce her."In March of this year, Fuling Jiang Mou with a marriage certificate to the Fuling district court, demanding the restoration of freedom.
But the court investigation,abercrombie, discovered that Jiang Mou's wife "no such person", with the marriage certificate he still single.Recently, the Fuling District Court in white Tao the trial court in the cause of the divorce case.
Ginger is the Fuling Bai Tao, his wife Lee was in Guangxi.In 1999 June, two people work in Guangzhou is met when love, after a few months in the white Taozhen government civil affairs departments for marriage procedures.
Common life, because the life habits differ greatly in 2001, his wife in September after a year of marriage at all go out, then.In 10 years, according to a wife ginger provided address,louis vuittonn, has two times to Guangxi to find, have no results.
In March this year, ginger a petition to the court for divorce, and lee.The judge in the trial of the discovery in the process,doudoune moncler, plaintiff provide defendant Lee household registration identity card number, and the marriage certificate ID card number does not match.
After verification, the two identification numbers were fabricated, no such person.The judge told the Kang, he can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for revocation of marriage registration.If the marriage registration organ has not corrected, can be carried out after the revocation of administrative litigation, the marriage is not legally binding.
The judge says, 2003, the new "Regulations on marriage registration cancelled units" proof of marital status issued by the provisions.Do the sex change while, also gave some to have an ulterior motive left an opportunity, use a fake ID to register the marriage,, diddle money cases continue to occur.
The judge said, although the country to civil affairs departments to review whether the parties to meet the conditions of marriage rights, but in fact the identity is true or not,Moncler, whether the parties in the foreign registration of marriage, civil affairs departments it is difficult to identify.
The judge said, using a fake ID to register the marriage, will for the future children of household registration, the couple divorced unnecessary trouble.At present no effective solution conditions, the key is to strengthen the consciousness of self protection,franklin marshall, more cautious about the marriage, can effectively avoid the occurrence of similar problems.

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