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5 p 2, Great Year, Suichuan together liquefied gas poisoning, a family of three was killed. Local government and public security organs of hearing the news rushed to the scene, and timely disposal of the follow-up work after the accident. / P p Year thirty-one three died at home / p p February the 6th morning 8 oclock on 40 minutes, who lives in the Suichuan Springs Town, a district of Room 201 residents Kuo Chun to The police report said: his father GUO, mother Xiang Lin, nephew Guo Xia 3 people died in their own house, the cause of death is unknown. After receiving the report,abercrombie fitch, Suichuan County Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade quickly start the murder detection mechanism, to carry out an investigation. The cases were brought to the attention of leaders at all levels, Jian City Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary,abercrombie, deputy secretaries Jian-Qiang Hu came from Nanchang rushed the Suichuan guidance case verification work, Suichuan County Standing Committee, the County Public Security Bureau DAI Guang-ming and other leaders went to the scene to direct Jian The Public Security Bureau of Criminal police involved in the scene investigation and autopsy work. / P p The investigation Early noon deceased Xiang Lin banquet Xiang Wen, a family of six and their son-in-law, daughter, and more than 10 people eat Nianfan. After dinner, 2 pm, Xiang Wen et al have to leave at night, Xiang Lins son and daughter and other people at home to eat leftovers noon, Guo summer nephew bed. After Lynns daughter, son-in-law, items back to their own homes,Moncler outlet, due to its sub-Xia Guo is still sleeping,louboutin, they did not take home. Subsequently, Ms. Kuo Chun-open the the liquefied water heater bath,Christian Louboutin, then sitting in the living room watching TV. Then his father GUO go take a bath, the bath and then went back to the room to go to bed, mother Xiang Lin stayed in the living room and laundry. GUO Chun sat in the living room for a while, we feel dizziness, an inability to vomit at the time want to go to the bathroom to throw up, but could not help vomiting in the living room, back to the room closing the door after they sleep. / P p GUO Chun woke up the next day at 8 oclock in the morning, found his mother fell to his knees living room Laundry pot, head down on the floor outside the basin, father and nephew are still sleeping in the bed, but have the body perish. The exclude committing the crime of human autopsy to determine the liquefied gas poisoning / p p police investigation was also informed that the Kuo living a family of three moved since last November, a very good relationship with the neighbors and / p p house without any turning traces of the deceased do not have any of his injury, the police ruled out the possibility of others to commit crimes. / P p The field survey, the deceased Kuo living in low-rent housing is only 50 square meters, no specialized kitchen water heater installed in the living room, the house has three gas cylinders, two in the kitchen for cooking and spare, one for the water heater in the living room. And the night of the murder Kuo doors and windows locked and the use of liquefied petroleum gas due to the continuous dozen hours, a lot of poison gas can not efflux, life-threatening in a short period of time can easily be absorbed by the human body. The dead table test also fully consistent with the symptoms of poisoning, preliminary identified as liquefied poisoned. / P p February 7, forensic deceased autopsy, and the hard work samples sent to Jiangxi Province Public Security Bureau Evidence Identification Center identification,franklin marshall, concluded that the Department of carbon monoxide poisoning death. February 8, the Suichuan police held a news conference, informed this unfortunate incident to remind the majority of residents use liquefied gas to pay attention to the safety precautions to avoid similar tragedies from happening again. / P p Police Weapon the winter burn gas Safety First / p p winter temperatures, doors and windows often closed, the volatile effects of the liquefied gas is often unsatisfactory. How to safely use liquefied petroleum gas? In this regard, the local police by the Jiangxi police to the masses Weapon: The public use of liquefied petroleum gas should note that indoor ventilation, to avoid accidents. Each change cans to pay attention to check the gas tank rubber seals, leak to anti-aging. Connection stoves and gas tank hoses and two joints should always smear with concentrated soapy water, check the leakage phenomenon. Such as soap bubbles, there is a leak,franklin marshall pas cher, it is timely to liquefied petroleum gas station overhaul. / P p In addition, volatile liquefied bad, affect the burning part of the masses in order to improve this situation, put gas cylinders upside down, or with hot water, and even the use of fire barbecue cylinders, this The practice is extremely dangerous. Once the vaporization will suddenly increased the pressure inside the cylinder, cylinder pressure resistance is limited, and more than qualified pressure cylinders because the liquefieds low boiling point, easily vaporized, liquefied gas will explode. (Text in both parties a pseudonym) / p
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